The Mobile Movement

Mobile devices are always with us, and always connected.
They are our ultimate shopping companion.

The rise of smartphones are creating smarter consumers while creating opportunity for smarter marketing.

Customers are making purchasing decisions based on mobile searches done while shopping.

What’s in it For You

Mobile marketing will increase sales, generate more traffic, and boost customer engagement.
With a sound mobile marketing strategy, you will have a distinct edge over your competition and
reap the benefits of increased sales and brand awareness.


Mobile earned 19% increase in Egypt consumer media consumption share in just 1 year while TV lost 8% of the share.


Your customers are now mobile. Proof? 60% of online devices are now smartphones or tablets.


On average, smartphone owners spend 58 minutes daily on their phones.


More than 25% of internet traffic is on mobile!

What does it means for your business


Google recently made changes to their mobile searches, with the “Mice’ update. Which means, if your business website is not mobile-optimized it will be heavily penalized on mobile searches. Make sure your business can be found with mobile search because customers regularly use their phones to find local businesses and
research shows that they will act on the information that they find.

Make it easy for mobile customers to reach and find you on your mobile website
with the ‘Tap to Map’ and a ‘Tap to Call’ features.


solution is to develop a comprehensive cross-channel strategy because mobile shoppers use their phones in-store,
online and through mobile website and apps to research and make purchase decisions.

We implement an integrated marketing strategy that includes
mobile advertising to excite and engage your customer.
With MMC mobile marketing solutions,
we’ve got you covered.


We’ll help move your brand straight to your customer’s pocket

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