The mobile phone is today already more than a phone. Taking pictures, reading mails and news etc. Make your mobile phone also your travel or entrance ticket. Our ticketing solution enables a very convenient way to validate and invalidate tickets; while engaging ticket holders with personalized push screen notifications.

Benefits of Mobile Ticketing Solution:

  • Engagement Automation: 
    • Send personalized lock-screen notifications
    • Notifications are personalized by Name
    • Send message(s) to all ticket holders at once – personalized
    • Location based targeting capability: reminders, offers, promotions, announcements…etc
    • Tickets are secured with unique ID’s
    • Can change images frequently   
    • Will stay in your guests’ mobile, so it’s easier to announce the next event
  • Ticket Display: All tickets or entrance credentials are displayed on the mobile phone. Additional information like directions can be shown.
  • Ticket Validation: Digital tickets are inspected & validated by authorized phones (or any other scanning device) only
  • Ticket Invalidation: At the place of entrance like in a stadium, or at an exit point on a gated public transport system the ticket can be invalidated by another scan; or using a specific date/time.
  • Database: Ticket holders will automatically leave their details, hence growing your database
  • Save Time: Tickets can be issued instantly
  • Save Money: No printing hence no quality & security issues 
  • Position brand as early innovation adopter & increases publicity
  • Convenience of not carrying anything (Mobile is already in their pockets)
  • Waste Reduction: No paper or ink used, which is environmentally friendly & eliminates LITTER


MMC Ticketing Solution:

MMC is your partner for the design and implementation of mobile ticketing solution. We will take care of the design and implementation incl. ease-of-use, communication with ticket holders, security and scalability issues; for all relevant mobile operating systems.


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