Using the mobile device as a marketing tool started as a small niche and is now one of the most effective choices for business owners & managers around the world. Screenshot 2016-03-26 20.07.12This is mainly because of the fact that mobile marketing campaigns can acquire consumers via their mobile devices – smartphones, mobile phones and tablets – which are at an arm’s length. The direct connection to consumers that mobile marketing provides is by far the best in the marketing industry.

Currently, the first thing that any campaign should do is establishing a mobile presence. More and more people rely heavily on the mobile web for information. In today’s society, the mobile browsing consumers perceive a business that can’t be found on the mobile web as disreputable.

Note that ANY desktop website can be found on the mobile web but that doesn’t mean having a desktop website is enough. Almost all desktop websites have limited functionality on mobile-optimized browsers. It’s important for businesses to have a mobile web app developed for their business. Don’t let the term “app” frighten you. It’s a known fact that mobile apps are expensive to develop but this kind of app won’t put a traumatizing dent on your marketing budget.

A mobile web app is basically a mobile optimized site that has app-like feel and features. Screenshot 2016-03-26 20.14.20Like mobile apps, mobile web apps can give consumers regular updates, freebies and a lot of other things. However, the best thing about a mobile web app is that it can also work as a tool to pull in customers. How can that be? It’s because one primary difference between mobile web apps and mobile apps – mobile web apps are found on the mobile web. Meaning, if someone ‘Googles’ for ‘Italian restaurants nearby’, chances are that businesses with a mobile optimized site (or mobile web app) will show up first and probably visited.

After a mobile presence is established (or while being established, depending on your strategy), you can start gathering a list of the mobile numbers of regular customers and prospective clients alike. You can then use the acquired data to send out SMS blasts encouraging people to visit your store, your website or get them enrolled in a “rewards or loyalty” program.

Other forms of mobile marketing include NFC (near-field communication), QR codes & WiFi marketing. These are great supplements to your mobile rewards program and mobile web app.