Mobile, as a marketing strategy, has already helped numerous businesses grow their client / customer base while improving loyalty and engagement in the process. Connectivity and reach matter most – and these are offered by mobile marketing. Almost everyone is connected through a smartphone, tablet or even just a mobile phone and this is the main reason for its effectiveness in growing & engaging your customer base.

In contrast to offline (traditional) advertising like print, billboard, TV, and radio – a mobile driven campaign can reach out to almost anyone, anywhere, anytime! It’s connectivity is what makes it a powerful tool for businesses to acquire their on-the-go consumers/clients, no matter where they are.

Many seasoned mobile marketers follow certain guidelines to achieve success. Whether you’re an aspiring or experienced mobile marketer, creating your “recipe” for a successful campaign is quite simple; yet please keep the following in mind:

1. Relevance

Relevance and consequently Timing are KEY in converting prospects into a paying customer. Always think like one while keeping an open mind when developing your mobile strategy. If you were the customer, do you think you’ll need outdoor furniture in winter? Would you rather get a gift voucher while shopping in a mall or while browsing through your tablet at home? If you are looking for a local business in Dokki, would be appropriate to see an offer for a local business in Heliopolis? The goal of every mobile marketing campaign is to impress, engage and encourage customers to visit the establishment. Stay relevant and make sure that your campaigns are useful & attractive to your target. Right Message, Right Person & the Right Time.

2. Privacy

People value their privacy more than ever. Your prospects are easily turned off by intrusive, repetitive and irritating campaign strategies. Make sure that you NEVER share your database with anyone. Give your audience the option to opt-out of your SMS or email lists. Be clear if you’ll use a person’s location or contact number to send him / her any form of messages. Be very careful when handling personal information.

3. Honesty

Ambiguous marketing is annoying, wastes your prospect’s time and will surely damage the business’s reputation. Never mislead your prospects by telling them that they’ll get a discount without telling them the requirements to receive the offer. If the person should need proof of prior purchases to receive a certain value, communicate it through website or SMS – not when they already are waiting in line at the business.

Consumers are smarter, more empowered and savvier than ever and will not hesitate to choose your competition because of a simple mistake. Keep your marketing plan clear and honest; your customers’ will recognize it and come in herds.

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