Fruitful Business Analysis & Consulting

As a savvy business looking to engage in digital marketing, you need to grow your digital presence across all online channels by researching your target audience, identifying digital and industry trends, and measuring and improving your online visibility over time.

It’s all about your target audience

Understanding who your customers are and structuring your digital presence to address their needs is essential for successful online marketing. Your business needs to go beyond just guessing a target demographic, and instead take the time to analyze who your customers are and what they do online.

This can be done through researching things such as social media activity, level of familiarity with using the internet, age, gender, education, and online platforms used, your business can lay out a comprehensive plan that includes content strategy, website architecture, social media integration, and email campaign outreach. An extensive audience analysis will take time and effort, but once you start to implement the findings in your digital strategy, it will prove beneficial.

The ideas that transform brands.

At Mobile Matters when we address a challenge, our mission is always the same: to move forward. Your audience should react – whether it be as simple as eliciting an emotion, or as actionable as driving a purchase. We develop integrated marketing solutions without channel bias, knowing that the end result is just as important as the journey to get there.

Advertising has changed

Traditional channels remain important in driving awareness. Yet they shouldn’t be used as isolated tactics, especially with the growing effectiveness of digital as an awareness driver. At Mobile Matters we integrate all channels in our strategies to create consumer experiences that drive action.

The new media scene.

In a world of increasingly shrinking budgets, paid media is only one side of the story. To get the best best return on your investment you should look at the full picture. Earned and owned media are an art we understand. We specialize in disruption. And it doesn’t stop there. For us, the idea of social extends beyond digital. Social is also word-of-mouth, a powerful means to build brands.