It’s all about captivating content

Content marketing is essential for connecting consumers with brands, and is the culmination of some of our most creative individuals working hand-in-hand with our top analytical minds. In Mobile Matters we craft content strategies tailor-made to a brand’s needs in a variety of mediums, and execute them with precision. Because we know that, If you don’t have a good story to tell, no one will listen.

When you work with us, your team will consist of our in-house writers, designers, and developers, each dedicated to producing the content professionally designed to increase traffic, brand awareness, or conversions. Content can range from articles, landing pages and micrographics, to infographics and interactive pieces of content, to entire websites. Your team will produce the amount of content needed to hit your goals, and accomplish your long-term marketing objectives.

Content research and ideation

Its important to rely on more than just gut instinct when it comes to choosing a content strategy; In Mobile Matters we’re fully aware of that, our designers, writers, and developers team up with our analytics and research teams to ensure that the content we create is the content your audience wants. We begin by performing a content audit of your website in order to evaluate your current content and see where there are gaps that need to be filled. Because of that, we’re able to build campaigns we know will work, and build in-depth promotion plans that result in high traffic. After all, why bet on a hunch when you can rely on a sure thing?

Content creation

Well written content is the lifeblood of any digital project, that’s why our teams pulls out all the stops when it comes to building engaging, eye-catching content. For each piece of content we create, we first research the topic in depth. Be it infographics meant to increase email subscriptions, or lead-generating interactives, we create content that informs, teaches, and inspires your audience to take action. Or we’ll create content to simply start a conversation. Our teams work to stay on top of cutting-edge design practices, while taking care to preserve your brand’s unique feeling and style.

Content management

At Mobile Matters, our goal is to create content for all levels of the funnel, such as building awareness, consideration, conversion, and retention. Some pieces are meant to attract users, while others are meant to convert them.

Additionally, we can build lead scoring models to help serve dynamic content and assist in the sales process.

Content promotion

Beauty is only as valuable as it is effective, which is why we don’t stop at aesthetics. We integrate promotion into the very heart of our content. Simply put, we know who’s going to share our content and when, before we even get started, this can be through search, social media, PPC, display ads/remarketing, and Call-to-Actions on your website.. And once the content is live, we invest heavily to ensure that your market knows about it.